Seth Ladd


I am currently a Product Manager at Google, focusing on Flutter and new mobile technologies. Flutter is a new open-source project to help developers build high-performance, high-fidelity, mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

I am also a software engineer, developer advocate, conference organizer, and book author. I have worked at startups, government contractors, military contractors, and freelanced. I love to connect people and things.



Product Manager, Flutter
Help make mobile app development awesome.
Product Manager, Dart
Helped make Dart great for developers. Lead the rewrite of the dartdoc tool for fast API docs, reduced dependency on symlinks, worked with the community to relaunch, enabled user measurements in numerous tools, PM'ed the launch of
Dart Developer Summit, Producer
Helped produce the first Dart developer summit, connecting Dart developers and the engineers building Dart.
Developer Relations Lead, Dart
Lead the developer relations team for Dart, the scalable programming language from Google. We built websites, authored documentation, traveled the world giving presentations and trainings, built samples, and helped launch Dart 1.0.
Chrome Dev Summit, Producer
Produced the first Chrome Dev Summit, connecting key web developers with Chrome engineers.
JavaScript & Box2D Tutorials
A series of tutorials on using the popular phyiscs engine with JavaScript, starting with a Box2D orientation for the JavaScript developer.
Developer Advocate for the Chrome Web Store
Helped numerous businesses build and launch web apps into the Chrome Web Store.
Launched Angry Birds for the web
Helped Angry Birds launch on the modern web.
Produced & co-organized New Game
Sold out the first North American conference for HTML5 game developers.
Launched the HTML5 logo
Helped the W3C launch an identity for HTML5.
Produced Aloha on Rails
Over 160 speakers and attendees visited Oahu for 2 full days of Rails and software craftsmanship discussions, debates, and surfing.
Built the Defense Safety Enterprise System
DSES is a large data warehouse of safety information, and its Rails front-end, for the Office of the Secretary of the Defense. Yes, Rails is deployed in the military.
Co-authored Expert Spring MVC
In which I learned a lot about authoring and coordinating a multi-author project.
Built Errorlytics
Engineered a service that identifies and fixes 404 errors for your Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Java, and Rails web sites.
Built Hawaii's online business registration system
Engineered and launched the state's first integrated inter-agency business registration system.